Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting Your Chic Together

Staples of a chic genius's college wardrobe:

Lacoste is expensive but my shopping motto is-if it's a classic it will be worth the money. I love my polo because I can throw it on with a skirt or jeans.

Blazers are always good. I have decided my university is smuggling polar bears hence, the only reasonable explanation for classroom temperature to be set so low. Blazers give you a genius chic look while you do your best to survive the tundra like environment.

Jeans! THE staple! The most confortable jeans I own are from Juicy Couture. However in close second are my American Eagle jeans. I like the straight leg look. I can wear my jeans with nice tops if I'm having an off day and still look chic and feel comfortable.

I LOVE my Ugg mocassins. So comfortable and no work! Just slip em on and I'm out the door!

I wear my equestrian boots alot. I feel like they really compliment my wardrobe. I really hope this trend stays for...forever!

Classic tweed skirt. I wear mine all the time!

If I said I dressed in skirts and heels everyday I would be my ultimate 'I'm too lazy to dress myself' outfit is a Juicy Couture tracksuit. My favorite color in my collection so far is my yellow one! I was told how bright and springy I looked last time I wore it.

Mocassins: Ugg Austrailia
Polo: Lacoste
Blazer: Old Navy (I love Cremieux and Juicy Couture blazers the best!)
Equestrian boots: Juicy Couture
Tracksuit jacket: Juicy Couture

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